Trellis Mental Health and Developmental Services

Contact Information:

28 Mill St, Suite 100
Orangeville, ON, L9W 2M3
Phone: 519-941-0465
Fax: 519-941-0580
Geography served: 
Dufferin County
Target population: 

Adults 18 years of age and older with moderate to severe mental health issues including those who have concurrent disorders

Services provided: 

All other programs

  • Seniors Geriatric Service provides assessment and follow up for age related mental health concerns including dementia and delirium. This service provides family and caregiver education, access to resources and follow up support
  • Community Support Coordination Team (Case Management) (age 19+ years, Wellington and Dufferin Counties): Case management services are provided for individuals 19 years of age and older who are experiencing severe and persistent mental illness. This service is provided by three organizations (Homewood Health Centre, Canadian Mental Health Association, and Trellis Mental Health and Developmental Services) under the rubric of Community Support Coordination Team
  • Adult Mental Health Service (Counselling and Treatment) (age 18 years and up, Wellington and Dufferin Counties): Assessment, diagnosis, consultation, individual and group treatment for individuals 18 and older experiencing serious mental health difficulties
  • Crisis Program : Site-based and mobile crisis for adults in Dufferin County. Crisis assessment, brief follow up and referral services available. Services are available 24 hours a day by accessing the Distress Center
  • Regional Eating Disorders Program (age 10+ years, Waterloo, Wellington County and Dufferin County): The Regional Eating Disorders Program provides specialist outpatient eating disorders assessment and treatment to individuals and families
  • Pre-charge Diversion (age 16+ years, Wellington and Dufferin Counties): The Pre-charge Diversion program provides support to individuals with mental health issues who have been identified by police as appropriate for being diverted before being charged for a criminal offense
  • Court Support (age 16+ years, Guelph and Wellington, and Dufferin Counties): The Court Support program provides support to individuals with mental health issues who find themselves in conflict with the law.
  • 1st Step Program (Early Intervention) (age 14-45 years; Waterloo, Wellington County and Dufferin County): The 1st Step Program of Waterloo Region, Wellington and Dufferin Counties aims to lessen the disruption due to psychosis in the lives of the individual and his/her family as well as reduce the incidence of further psychotic episodes, medical problems, social issues and relapse
Language capabilities: 

Can vary by program, but includes:

  • English
Organization description: 

Trellis has been providing service to Dufferin County since 1971. Currently Trellis provides mental health services to Dufferin County for those people 18 and older. The Dufferin team is a small multidisciplinary team that provides services during regular business hours. Trellis also provides service by way of the After Hours Crisis program which provides crisis supports in the community as well as through Headwaters Health Care Centre.

Who can refer: 

Self, family and professional referrals are accepted

How to access: 

  • Trellis Central Intake at 1-800-471-1732 OR 519-821-3582
  • Fax completed referral forms to 519-821-9043