How we are organized

The Central West Concurrent Disorders Network is comprised of representatives from each member organization. The Network serves as the governing body of the Central West concurrent disorders capacity-building initiative and as such provides direction and advice to the organization funded by the CW LHIN for this initiative, William Osler Health Centre. The CW CDN is responsible for:

  • Establishing the CW CDN's overall direction and areas of focus
  • Providing on-going direction and advice to the CW CDN's lead organization, William Osler Health Centre in its role as day-to-day administrator of the CW CDN
  • Providing input to and approving the annual budget and operating plan for the CW CDN
  • Monitoring the financial management and administration of the CW CDN
  • Reviewing regular statistical and other reports on the operation of the CW CDN
  • Identifying and addressing policy and operational issues in accordance with the CW CDN's established decision-making and dispute resolution processes
  • Ensuring that there is an annual review and evaluation of the CW CDN
  • Reporting to the member organizations, Central West LHIN and other key stakeholders (e.g., the Central West LHIN Mental Health and Addiction Core and Extended Action Groups) on the operation of the CW CDN on at least an annual basis

As part of its participation in the CW CDN, each CW CDN member organization (excluding ex-officio members) has signed on to the CW CDN's Charter of Participation and Action Plan either formally or by virtue of having their organization listed in the Charter as a member of the CW CDN. The Charter of Participation and Action plan outlines the agreement made by members of the CW CDN to work together to continuously improve how services are delivered to people with both mental health and addiction needs in the Central West LHIN.

The Charter of Participation component of the document describes the purpose, vision, values and principles, and participating partners of the CW CDN and outlines what the partners have agreed to in terms of their work together. The document's Action Plan lays out the areas and specific steps the members of the CW CDN have agreed to work on collectively in fulfillment of the Charter of Participation. It is important to note that the Charter of Participation and Action Plan is meant to be a "living document" which will evolve over time through the work of the CW CDN. It is also recognized that members of the CW CDN will be at different stages of capacity and capability to deliver against all of the principles and action items listed in the document. The intent of the document is to articulate the direction in which Network members agree to work both individually as organizations and collectively as the CW CDN.

The CW CDN also does its work through additional Sub-Committees which are formed to focus on specific topic areas. Examples include the CW CDN's Screening Work Group and the CW CDN Event Planning Committee.