Other resources


* Please note these books and DVDs are available at the CMHA Peel library.


  • Dual Diagnosis, Ken Minkoff
  • Messing with Heads: Marijuana and Mental Health
  • Addicitons, HBO
  • Recovery Stories, NAMI


  • Addiction and Mood Disorders: A Guide for Clients and Families by Daley, Dennis C.
  • Dual Diagnosis: Counseling the Mentally Ill : Substance Abuser by Evans, Katie, Sullivan, J. Michael
  • Integrated Treatment for Mood and Substance : Use Disorders, by Westermeyer, Joseph J.
  • Managing the Dually Diagnosed Patient by O'Connell, David
  • Seeking Safety: A Treatment Manual: for PTSD and Substance Abuse by Najavits, Lisa M.
  • Substance Misuse in Psychosis by Graham, Hermine L.
  • The Twelve Steps and Dual Disorders by Hamilton, Tim
  • Understanding Bipolar Disorder and Addiction by Hazelden
  • Understanding Major Anxiety Disorders and Addiction by Hazelden
  • Understanding Personality Problems and : Addiction by Hazelden
  • Understanding Schizophrenia and Addiction by Hazelden
  • Treating Concurrent Disorders: A Guide for Counsellors by Skinner, Wayne
  • Integrated Treatment for Dual Diagnosis by Mueser, Kim
  • In the Realm of the Hungry Ghost by Mate, Gabor
  • The Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Planner by Jongsma and Klott
  • Addiction, Progression & Recovery by Kestein, Dale
  • Addict in the Family Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery by Conyers, Beverly
  • Beyond Codependency by Beattie, Melody
  • Dual Diagnosis Recovery Sourcebook by Ortman, Dennis
  • Enhancing Recovery From Psychosis by Johnston, Brian
  • Living Well With Bipolar Disorder by Guilford Publications


Link: www.hbo.com/addiction/thefilm
Cost: FREE
Description: A series of 14 short segments, most under 10 minutes, ranging in topics from 'A Mothers Desperation' to 'Science of Relapse' to 'Opiate Addiction: A new medication'

Link: www.crackednotbroken.com/dvd_sales/
Cost: FOR SALE; Film can be purchased relatively inexpensively.
Description: Facilitators should take the time to preview this film to ensure it is appropriate for each group specific attendees

Link: www.islandnet.com/mm/events/cracked.html
Cost: FREE
Description: 3 separate videos presented by Gabor Mate on his book/topic 'In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts'

Link: www.ipexview.com/solution/videos
Cost: FREE
Description: Very good series on Child and Youth Mental Health, but relevant to adult clients as their co-morbid concerns likely showed sign of emerging by adolescence (e.g. Substance use issues, onset of mental health symptomatology)

Link: www.Mentalhealthtv/nhs
Cost: FREE & For Sale

Link: www.thetic.info/mental-health-and-wellness/journey-of-recovery-recovering-from-mentalillness-educational-documentary-video
Cost: FREE