St. Leonard's Place Peel

Contact Information:

1105 Queen Street East
Brampton, ON, L6T 4E2
Phone: 905-457-3611
Fax: 905-457-4064
Fax: 905-457-2314
Geography served: 
Peel Region/GTA/Caledon
Target population: 
  • Male Ex-offender
  • Chronic Homelessness
  • Mental illnesses (Mood disorders, Schizophrenia)
  • Men suffering with concurrent disorders


Services provided: 

CD specific programs

  • Clean life — A program that offers assistance to residents to teach them how to identify triggers, develop coping mechanisms, and how to live a “clean life”
  • Clinician — Onsite weekly for counseling resident's interpersonal issues in a safe and secure setting
  • Psychiatrist — Onsite bi-weekly to manage residents ongoing psychiatric needs.
  • Registered Nurse — Onsite 2 days per week to provide ongoing care for residents health concerns
  • Onsite A.A/N.A meetings — Community groups hosted by St. Leonard's that provide a forum for residents and community members that suffer from similar issues/addictions

All other programs

  • Choose Life — Life skills based class to assist residents in their daily living.
  • License 2 Clean- A social enterprise allowing the residents to gain knowledge, develop employment skills, make extra money, create a sense of self worth, and increased self esteem.
  • Recreational programming — hockey, badminton, basket ball, cards, bowling, movies, ping-pong, group outings, baseball, fitness class, poetry, music, swimming etc…
Language capabilities: 
  • English, Urdu, Italian, Ashanti, French, Serbian, Nigerian, Vietnamese


Organization description: 

With its two main client groups, the homeless and the ex-offender in transition, Sir Robert Williams House, Rotary Resolve House and the Father John Bartlett Home, will provide a community of peers and support who will respect and assist each other in re-integrating into the broader society. The Community will be an integrated, collaborative community in which people help people to reach their full potential.

St. Leonard's Place (Peel):

  • Enhances each person's sense of dignity and self worth
  • Fosters a sense of belonging to a community
  • Ensures the safety of each person and the community
  • Equips people, through education, to function effectively in the community
  • Contributes to the physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment of each person
  • Develops relationships based on trust, respect and honesty
  • Develops community awareness of the transitional community and St. Leonard's Place (Peel)


Who can refer: 
  • Community agencies
  • Individual Families
  • Hospitals
  • Correctional institutions


How to access: 
  • Call program manager at the phone number listed above OR
  • Fax completed referral form to the fax number listed above
  • To get a referral form, call program manager at the phone number listed above or click here