Peel Children's Centre

Contact Information:

85 Aventura Court
Mississauga, ON, L5T 2Y6
Phone: 905-795-3500
Fax: 905-696-0350
Geography served: 
Region of Peel
Target population: 
  • Peel Children's Centre offers a range of high quality mental health services for children and youth under the age of 18 who live in the Region of Peel in Ontario. These young people have such serious social, emotional, and/or behavioural difficulties that without effective treatment, they may not be able to lead a normal life.
  • Nexus Youth Services provides mental health services for youth in the region of Peel between the ages of 12 to 24 years, offering individual counselling to young people who want to make changes on their own, without necessarily involving their family in the process, and may be looking for non-traditional methods of support through Square One Youth Centre.

    Services provided: 

    CD specific programs

    • Concurrent Disorders Program provides training, case-specific consultations, and issue specific consultations. Training, consultation and information resources are available to a wide variety of individuals who provide services to Peel youth (e.g. PCC/Nexus staff members, Centralized Intake partners, school boards, hospital programs, youth shelter/transitional housing staff, and other youth serving organizations). The purpose of the training/consultation is to provide individuals and organizations with the necessary knowledge and tools to successfully work with young people who are experiencing a combination of mental health and substance use concerns. Training/consultation in current research and evidence-based interventions are regularly offered to a range of service providers, thereby building capacity for providers to simultaneously address both the mental health and substance use issues presented by their clients. Case-specific consultations are available to professionals in the Region of Peel working with youth (up to age 24) experiencing mental health and substance use issues. These consultations provide opportunities for practical application of knowledge, approaches, and tools supported by current research and best practice, and also serve to reinforce concepts imparted in trainings provided by the program. Issue-specific consultations (e.g. related to specific substances and their effects or specific therapeutic approaches) are also available.

    Peel Children's Centre

    • Peel Children's Centre : offers high quality services ranging from prevention to early identification, assessment and treatment and including counseling, day treatment and residential programs. Some of the services available at Peel Children's Centre include:
    • Counselling
    • Day Treatment
    • Alternatives to Day Treatment
    • Residential Treatment
    • Foster and Respite Residential Services
    • Sexual Abuse Treatment Program
    • Community Intervention
    • Preparation for Independence
    • Preschool
    • Court Clinic
    • Crisis Response Services
    • Child Witness Preparation
    • Arson Prevention Program (TAPP-C)
    • Group Services
    • Volunteer Program

    Nexus Youth Services

    • Community Counselling Program offers high quality individual counselling for adolescents and young adults helping them build on their strengths and develop their coping skills so that they can make a smooth transition into adulthood. Counselling is offered to individuals at the Square One Youth Centre and main office where youth can access treatment specific to issues they present such as difficulties with mental health (i.e. depression, anxiety, ADHD), concurrent disorders and substance use.
    • Square One Youth Centre is a drop-in centre for youth ages 12-24 years where they can access services aimed at improving social skills, coping with the challenges of daily life, and improving job skills so that they can contribute to their communities. Here they have access to computers, community resources and knowledgeable staff that can support them overcoming barriers in achieving their life goals. 
    Language capabilities: 

    Can vary by program, but includes: cultural and language interpretation services available for all programs and services. 

    Organization description: 

    Established in 1984Peel Children's Centre is a fully accredited, community-based children's mental health centre. It offers a comprehensive continuum of high quality, innovative services to children, youth and their families. Services are voluntary, free-of-charge and confidential. Service options include:

    • Coordinated, centralized intake and access
    • Prevention and early intervention
    • Counselling (family, group and individual)
    • Community-based outreach services
    • Day treatment
    • Residential treatment
    • Respite and crisis response services
    • Assessment services are also available to youth involved in the court system upon referral of a judge

    Since 1984, Nexus Youth Services has offered counselling services to teenagers and young adults ages 12 to 24 who live in the Region of Peel in Ontario. Their mission is to create opportunities for youth by providing high quality services that are inclusive and responsive to the needs and voices of youth. Nexus provides services that understand the unique nature of adolescents and young adults and provides programming aimed at ensuring all youth have the ability to access support through the flexibility of its drop-in program at Square One or the formality of its individual clinical counselling program. All services are voluntary, free and private. Youth age 12 or older do not require a parent's permission to participate.

    Who can refer: 
  • Depends on program. Individuals can self refer by contacting Centralized Intake for most programs. 

    How to access: 
  • Service providers can call Garth Buckley, Clinical Co-Ordinator Concurrent Disorders at 905-795-3500 to access concurrent disorders clinical consultation service OR
  • Community members can access all services at Peel Children's Centre/ Nexus by contacting Centralized Intake at 905- 451-4655
  • Crisis Response Service can be accessed at 416-410-8615
  • Square One Youth Centre can be accessed at 905-566-1883