Peace Ranch

Contact Information:

19179 Centreville Creek Road
Caledon, ON, L7C 3L8
Phone: 905-584-9156
Fax: 905-584-0928
Geography served: 
Caledon and surrounding communities
Target population: 
  • All Peace Ranch clients are aged 18-65 with over 30% of the client population identified as concurrent.
  • The clients that reside in the Peace Ranch farmhouse and townhouses are diagnosed with an axis 1 of Schizophrenia. The aim is to offer purposeful activity and teach self reliance thereby reducing psychiatric hospitalization.

    Services provided: 
    • Housing and Support Peel: adults with mental illness, individuals who are homeless, at risk of being homeless, or who live in substandard housing (age 16-65 years; Peel Region): Peace Ranch is a partner with seven other organizations in the Region of Peel's Phase II Homelessness Initiative and employs one full time housing support worker to provide support to individuals residing in Supportive Housing in Peel housing.
    • Supportive Housing Brampton and Caledon East (age 18-65 years; Central West LHIN): Peace Ranch provides housing to adults with schizophrenia through a 24/7 supportive group home that houses 10 residents and two townhouses equipped with low level support that house seven individuals.
    • Green Spaces: Social Rehabilitation/ Recreation (age 18-65 years; Central West LHIN): Peace Ranch provides Green Spaces, a day program three days per week to adults with mental health issues in Caledon and the surrounding communities. Activities include pet-facilitated therapeutic programs, horticultural therapeutic programs, recreational activities and off-site events
    • Eeyor's Market Garden: Social Rehabilitation/ Recreation
    • Rosie's Kitchen Wholesome Living Program: Social Rehabilitation/ Recreation
    • Day In The Country: Social Rehabilitation/ Recreation  


    Language capabilities: 

    Can vary by program, but includes English and Italian 

    Organization description: 

    Peace Ranch provides supportive housing and rehabilitation programs for adults who have serious mental illness and co-occurring addiction challenges enabling individuals to live and work in a community atmosphere on a farm and eventually in the broader community.

    Who can refer: 
  • Self
  • Family/friend
  • Professional 

    How to access: 
    • Housing-central intake : 905-795-8742
    • Green Spaces Day program : 905-584-9156 ext.27 (Heidi)
    • Peace Ranch townhouses : 905-584-9156 ext.22 (Kerri)