Jean Tweed Centre

Contact Information:

215 Evans Avenue
Toronto, ON, M8Z 1J5
Phone: 416.255.7359
Fax: 416.255.9021
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Target population: 
  • Women with substance use, gambling, or mental health concerns and their families. This includes a number of child development services. 

    Services provided: 

    CD specific programs

    • Justice, Addictions & Mental Health Community Support (JAM) (case management, restricted to women age 18+ years, who are currently involved with the criminal justice system, have a mental health diagnosis, and have a substance use issue, West Toronto area): The JAM program is offered in partnership with Reconnect Community Health Services. The service will provide community support and case management for women with substance use, as well as mental health issues and criminal justice involvement.

    All other programs

    • Assessment and Referral (women, age 16+ years, Toronto (primary) and Ontario (secondary)): The Centre's assessment process provides an opportunity to match women with substance use and/or gambling problems with the most suitable program at the Centre.
    • ICP - Individualized Counselling Program - (community treatment, women, age 16+ years, Toronto (primary) and Greater Toronto Area (secondary)): ICP is an outpatient counselling program for women with substance use and/or gambling concerns.
    • Strengthening Families (community treatment, program restricted to children between the ages of 7 and 11 and their parent(s) or care giver(s), Toronto (primary) and Greater Toronto Area (secondary)): Strengthening Families (offered in partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), is a prevention program for families with children between the ages of seven and eleven who may be at risk for substance use problems, depression, violence, delinquency and school failure.
    • Support and Stabilization (community treatment, women, age 16+ years, Toronto (primary) and Greater Toronto Area (secondary)): The program is available across the continuum of services offered at the Centre to women who are beginning to address their substance use problems.
    • 21 Day Program (community day/evening treatment, women, age 16+ years, Toronto (primary) and Greater Toronto Area (secondary)): Working in a holistic and client-centred way, the day treatment program provides a range of opportunities for women to address their substance use and/or gambling problems.
    • Pathways Day Treatment Program Adult *ECD (women, early childhood development clients, Toronto): Mom and Kids Too is a seven week substance use program for pregnant and parenting women, and their children aged zero to six. The goal is to increase attachment between mother and child to improve parenting and coping skills for mothers with substance use concerns.
    • Residential Program (women, age 16+ years, Toronto (primary) and Greater Toronto Area (secondary)): The residential program works in a holistic and client-centered way to support women with substance use problems. A variety of program components are offered including individual counselling, group therapy, educational sessions, a family program, and a wellness program.
    • Reaching Out to Women (ROW) is a trauma-informed counselling service for women with substance use and/or mental health concerns.  Operating out of various locations in Toronto, ROW provides support to women accessing shelters, drop-in centres, and women involved in the criminal justice system. 
    • Family Program is an open support group for families/friends on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.  New members are invited to arrive at 5:30 to meet the family counsellor and other new members.  Each night we'll talk about a different area of interest.
    • Palmerston House is a unique transitional housing program where women and mothers with infants have the opportunity to work towards their substance use and related mental health goals.  It is a safe, group environment for women between the ages of 18 and 50 years old where change and growth are supported.  We support our residents in setting goals for their future and assist them in continuing to be productive and independent members of society.
    • MK2 Day Program is for women who are pregnant or parenting young children.  It is offered three days a week, for seven weeks.  It also starts later and ends earlier than most day programs and includes participation in:
      • small groups with other mothers focusing on effective parenting
      • attachment activities with your child in our child development centre
      • larger integrated workshops with women from the day/residential program
    • Child Care & Development
      • Mothers participating in the Jean Tweed Centre day, outpatient and outreach programs have access to a fully licensed therapeutic child development centre.
      • The childcare centre provides a warm and nurturing environment for children to play and learn helping, helping them to meet their developmental milestones.
      • Services include:  child care, onsite parenting workshops, parenting consultations, attachment intervention, home safety assessments, information and support.
    • Problem Gambling
      • The Jean Tweed Centre provides a range of programs for women with problem gambling concerns.  This includes our core programs such as Support and Stabilization, the 3 week Day or Residential programs, the Individualized Counselling Program, Continuing Care and the Trauma program.
      • We also have a Problem Gambling Support Group open to any woman with a gambling concern.  This weekly group provides a friendly, comfortable environment for talking about a range of gambling related issues.
    • Trauma Program:  All clinical services are trauma informed, which means we understand the role that trauma may have played in a woman's life and we will provide a safe and caring environment.  We also offer a range of trauma-specific services for current Jean Tweed clients that include first stage trauma groups such as Seeking Safety and Building Resilience; second stage groups such as the Trauma Recovery Group and specialized groups including Parenting Beyond Trauma, a group for women who want to explore the impact past trauma has had on them as parents.
    • Continuing Care is for all women who have participated in one of the intensive programs at Jean Tweed, two years of continuing care support are provided.  This includes access to two weekly groups, and short term individual counselling.
    Language capabilities: 

    Varies by program. 

    Organization description: 

    The Jean Tweed Centre was established in 1983 on behalf of Jean Shannon Tweed - a woman who saw the need for a safe and supportive environment for women so that they could address their substance use issues. Jean was a pioneer in advancing the cause of women-specific programming and it was to acknowledge and validate her beliefs that the Centre was named in her honour.

    Since its founding, the Centre has evolved and grown to become one of the largest non-medical, community-based substance abuse and problem-gambling treatment facilities for women in Ontario. The Centre offers a wide range of services including out patient programs, a residential program and a trauma program for women who access our substance abuse and/ or our problem gambling program.

    The Jean Tweed Centre is one of the only substance abuse and problem gambling treatment facilities in the county that has a licensed onsite child care centre. As part of our focus on women, parenting and children we routinely conduct parenting and attachment workshops, child developmental assessments and home visits. Additionally, the centre welcomes women with concurrent mental health and substance use problems.


    Who can refer: 

    Self referral or referrals from service providers are accepted 

    How to access: 
  • Individuals can attend information night by calling reception at the number listed above.