Canadian Mental Health Association, Peel Branch

Contact Information:

2 County Court Blvd, Unit 102
Brampton, ON, L6W 3W8
Phone: 905-451-2123
Fax: 905-456-7492
Geography served: 
Peel Region - Brampton, Mississauga and the Town of Caledon
Target population: 

Anyone in Peel Region with a direct or indirect experience of mental illness and/or concurrent disorders

Services provided: 

CD specific programs

  • Concurrent Disorders Crisis Management : Training and consultation to staff from agencies in Peel Region, that deal with clients affected by concurrent disorders, i.e., someone with both a mental health and substance abuse issue. 

All other programs

  • ACT Team (age 16+ years; Brampton East of Highway 410 and Town of Bolton ) : A client-centred, recovery-oriented mental health service delivery model for persons with the most serious mental illnesses -- those with severe symptoms and impairments who have not benefited from traditional outpatient and community programs
  • Access to Recovery, Case Management Program (age 16+ years; Brampton , Caledon and Malton) : Case managers support clients with serious and persistent mental illness to achieve their goals and connect to services.  
  • Consumer Survivor Support Network (age 16+ years: Peel Region): The network is run by and for consumer survivors, and includes outreach, self-help groups, and Eden Place Drop-in, offering social recreation to help clients enhance social skills and eliminate isolation. 
  • FACT Peel +(age 16-45 years; Caledon, Brampton, Mississauga) : Clients experiencing a first episode of psychosis initially access services of First Assessment Clinical Team (FACT) Peel, a community-based satellite clinic operated by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and afterwards access FACT Peel + for case management. 
  • Mental Health and Justice Services, Diversion and Court Support (age 16+ years; Peel Region) : Offers five interrelated services: Mental Health Diversion moves charges of mentally ill offenders out of the criminal justice system; Short-term case management provides community based support for mentally ill offenders on diversion and probation; Discharge planning assists mentally ill offenders transitioning from a custodial setting into their home community; Housing support; and Consultation and support for mentally ill offenders throughout various stages of the judicial process. Model of service: recovery and psychosocial rehabilitation. Avg stay: 1 yr. max. 
  • Outreach (Peel Region): Assists people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Peel.  
  • PAR Clubhouse (age 16+ years; Peel Region): PAR is a psychosocial rehabilitation day program for people experiencing ongoing mental health problems. There is currently a clubhouse in Brampton and another in Mississauga, but plans are afoot to merge the two.
  • Resource Centre, Community Service Information and Referral (Peel Region) : The Mental Health Resource Centre is a welcoming point of entry to the mental health system. An early intervention program, providing education and training; information and referral; a library; and awareness activities, including attendance at health fairs.
  • Youth Net Peel (age 12-20 years; Peel Region): Youth Net Peel is a mental health program run by youth for youth. The goal is to get youth talking about mental health and mental illness through focus groups.
Language capabilities: 

Can vary by program, but includes English.

Organization description: 

Serving our community since 1962, Canadian Mental Health Association/Peel Branch (CMHA/Peel) enhances the well being of all people in our community by promoting and supporting good mental health -- promoting mental health, one mind at a time. 

Who can refer: 

Anyone can call.

How to access: